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Great questions. The directory.files.create version ends up calling connection.put_object under the covers, so functionally they should be 

Dec 1, 2017 Download File with content_disposition #418 but the issue with headers might be that AWS doesn't support them as part of the signature due 

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Generally, public cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba own and operate the infrastructure at their data center and access is generally via the Internet. Fog storage for Shrine. Contribute to shrinerb/shrine-fog development by creating an account on GitHub. Vagrant for the cloud. Contribute to jedi4ever/mccloud development by creating an account on GitHub. Tracks the state of cloud computing resources across multiple accounts with multiple service providers - benton/fog_tracker Process your uploads in the background by uploading directly to S3 - dwilkie/carrierwave_direct Our collection of opinionated Capistrano recipes. Contribute to innvent/matross development by creating an account on GitHub. aws-java-sdk-swf-libraries

Mar 14, 2019 Using Ruby on Rails, Carrierwave, and Amazon S3, but getting a 403 solution over the past while to upload files and attach them to an active record. to S3; Create a Rails initializer to use the IAM User Keys and Fog/AWS  Oct 20, 2015 The [fog gem]( performs [path A valid download link (including the required signature) could be retrieved for  Uploads represent all user data that may be sent to GitLab as a single file. This configuration relies on valid AWS credentials to be configured already. Option allows to reduce egress traffic as this allows clients to download directly from remote The connection settings match those provided by Fog, and are as follows:  By default an Aws::S3::Client instance is created internally from additional options files, they will be passed to Aws::S3::Object#put, Aws::S3::Object#copy_from  evaluation purposes and I'd like to be able to store all files and attachments in S3 in order method as explained in . ATTACHMENTS_STORAGE=fog FOG_DIRECTORY='my-bucket' access key> OPENPROJECT_FOG_CREDENTIALS_PROVIDER=AWS  Jul 15, 2014 Fog: to manage cloud services, like Amazon's AWS. Now, In your config/environments/production.rb file you have to use the following code Then we should be able to download the sitemap from Amazon going to a URL  Mar 22, 2013 Most of Rails 3 gems, which supports cloud storage's uses a Fog library. storage: file production: amazon: provider: AWS bucket: altoros-blog 

AWS-SDK storage adapter for CarrierWave. Contribute to sorentwo/carrierwave-aws development by creating an account on GitHub. => #, @signer=#

Fog volumes are localized 3D areas that define an area where non-volumetric fog is present. Fog volumes do not change in dynamic, nonuniform ways like 

Feb 24, 2012 An Amazon Web Services account and something in S3 to fetch. Multi-part If there is no match or the local file is absent it will be downloaded.

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Puppet Cloudpack. Contribute to jloope/puppetlabs-cloud-provisioner development by creating an account on GitHub.